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Customer Service Failure

I’m going to share a story with you. It is also a rant so if you want to avoid it I won’t blame you. You should know I get a car for my job. It’s owned by the company, has the company named on the side, and maintenance is taken care of by the company. It’s a perk that I would have a hard time giving up, and I appreciate it a lot. I get it because I meet with customers all over the metro. I never really know where I’m going as I don’t schedule appointments myself, but I pride myself on being on-time. I feel terrible if I’m more than 10 minutes late.

The company car I drive developed a giant crack last week. I called it in to the appropriate office in the company and they scheduled me in a four-hour block with Auto Glass Specialists & Safelite Autoglass from 8-12 this morning. I spent the morning working on a few projects and around 10:00 I received a call from the repair guy letting me know he would be there around 11-11:30. I wasn’t exactly happy it was happening so late during the window, but it was within the window. Around 11:45 not only had the guy not shown up, but I hadn’t received another phone call. I called him back at the number he gave and left a message asking where he was and telling him that I need my car by 1:15 for work.

I understand appointments run long, traffic slows you down, and a million things can cause delays. I’m more than willing to forgive tardiness if you keep me informed, especially since I deal with those things in my job. I would not be writing this post if I had received a phone call before 11:30 or a few minutes after. He finally showed up without a phone call at 12:45. I told him I needed my car at 1:15. Unfortunately, after all of this we had to reschedule since the windshield needed to sit for an hour after install.

Well you would think after being so late that Auto Glass Specialists and Safelite Autoglass would work with me to make sure they got this fixed immediately. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. I told the guy I could have my car there by 8:00 tomorrow. I was told this wouldn’t work since they don’t leave the shop until 8:30 and that it would be 9:00 at the earliest even if he could schedule me as his first appointment. I told him I would block off my Monday morning for him and he should call me with a time. About a half hour later, he called back and instead of giving me a specific time, once again said it would happen between 8-12.

To sum things up; first, they give me a four-hour block that includes an hour that has no potential for an appointment. I receive a phone call two hours into the block telling me they would be there in an hour to an hour and a half. They then proceed to show up 45 minutes after the initial period I was given and an hour and 15 minutes after the actual repair person said. They then proceed to schedule me in the exact same four-hour block four days later. To make things even better, when he was there in person he took the time to say, “Do you know you talk fast.” Something that I do in fact know and generally am able to control when I’m not incredibly irritated.

I usually don’t write about negative customer service experiences here because I generally just take my business elsewhere. In this case though, I’m stuck with it. Yes, I know I’m not paying anything for the service, but I am still the reason you’re getting the business and I’m your customer in this situation. The company lost any potential business I may have given them for my personal vehicle and I’m not going to be shy with telling my story.