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Minnesota Blogs I'm Reading 4/13/09 Update

Update: I've turned this post into a page I'll try and keep the page updated.

My reading list is always expanding, rarely shrinks, and causes me no end of worry whenever I see the unread count head over the 150 range. I know I could hide the unread counts in Google Reader and save myself the pain, but for some reason I'm resistant.

One thing that has been a constant in my reading list, is that Minnesota based blogs take up most of my time. Given 200 unread items, I usually have 150 unread items tagged Minnesota. Here my recent list of Minnesota blogs. There is no reason for the order, it's just how the came out of my reader

That's all I have for you today, of course there are many more Minnesota based blogs. One things I've discovered since I started trying to keep much of my internet browsing local, is Minnesota has many talented writers. If you want to add your blog to the list or link to your favorite Minnesota blog please do so in the comments.