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Twitter Will be Ok (or everyone quit freaking out)

This week has seen Oprah join Twitter, CNN and Ashton Kutcher battle it out for 1,000,000 followers, and a bunch of other famous people jump into the world of twitter. I'm here to tell you that Twitter isn't ruined. Well for the most part at least. See you just need to look back at my Twitter rules post and think about it for a second to see it is true.

Just because the celebrities and their followers are suddenly on Twitter doesn't mean you have to notice them. Considering Twitter survived Oprah's first tweet with little to show for technical problems, I think we'll be okay. Unlike Facebook, your local watering hole, and other venues you might socialize, Twitter is in many ways immune to an influx of people you don't want to see and hear. Unlike Facebook, you don't need to follow someone just because they follow you. You can protect your tweets and block people and preserve your current Twitter experience.

One thing that has seen a dramatic change for the worse though has been Twitter search. Where I once could glance at trending topics and find out about things I actually cared about, I now look and it's been overrun with TV shows, celebrities, and things such as the sudden appearance of the name Joe as a trending topic earlier this week. The sudden decrease in the value of search.twitter is disheartening.

Still, even with the decrease in value of search, you still get the same Twitter experience regardless of how many new people join Twitter. You don't have to follow them, and even if they follow you, nothing has changed in your feed, only theirs.

P.S. Sorry about two Twitter posts in two days, but I just had to put this out there and couldn't fit it into 140 characters.