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MN Reading List Updates 5/4/2009

Since I've moved my reading list over to a page I decided I should start posting occasional updates in post format when I've added a few new blogs. I'm going to try and update when I have ten or so additions. So here is the first update, we'll see what happens.

First I have a few food and beverage related blogs that need to be shared

I have to say, the more I dig into the Twin Cities food blogging scene, the more impressed I get. It kind of makes my attempt look sad.

Finally a few more multi-purpose sites.

  • Mullet Like Me - A normal guy grows a mullet and decides to write about it. If your wondering...yes it's humerous.
  • Zipbag of Bones - I followed her on Twitter for a long time before I found her blog, she's just as clever in more than 140 characters.
  • synapsecollapse - A smattering of fun content from around the web. Also someone I've followed for quite a while.
  • Powderhorn365 - A project documenting the history of the Powderhorn Neighborhood through photos.
  • Streets for People - A site promoting the use of streets for humans and not dead steel.
  • 50000000 Sparber Fans Can’t Be Wrong - Max Sparber’s personal blog

So there you have it, do you like this format, let me know here and as always, if you want your blog included in my list, leave a comment on the list and I'll see what I can do.