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Thoughts, Links, and Photos 5/12 Edition

A change to my old Thought and Links posts that I discontinued a while back. I'll use a similiar format but also include some photos that don't really fit in a full post.

  • I ended up in Northfield yesterday for work. After finishing the meeting I was there for I stopped by the river walk to see what I could find. I was ecstatic to discover these little guys swimming around.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="1. Ducks, 2. Duckling, 3. Swim Fast and Free"][/caption]

  • The Heavy Table looks at a couple of new burger joints. Smashburger looks interesting, and if the 5 Guys in Edina is anything like the one in St. Cloud you should go. Now!
  • Les Petites Images gives us a two part series that teaches us how to make spinach Palak Paneer. I've never tried making Indian food before and may dip my toes in soon.
  • synapsecollapse shares a video and some links to local brewers. Go buy some local beer now.
  • I also stopped by Nakomis yesterday and got a few photos of the cherry blossoms. This one was my favorite.
  • I love these Cargo Bikes and this bookmark. via SwissMiss
  • Salon argues that parents should set their children free (via Kottke)
  • I made a few site changes today. First I added a Post to Twitter button to all individual posts. I also have setup Tweetbacks that may or may not import comments about my posts on Twitter into my blog.