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Strawberry Jam, Biscuits, and other Goodies

My kitchen has been busy the last few evenings. Nothing overly exciting but just simple tasty food. First, last night I made cornbread. Unfortunately it wasn't that great, I think I may have needed a bit more sugar, just didn't seem quite as tasty as I remember it always being.

I also made some strawberry jam last night. I had bought a clamshell of berries on Monday and could tell they were on the verge of sprouting fuzzies at any given moment. The jam was really simple. I cut up the berries and stuck them in a pot, added a good amount of sugar and then slowly brought it to a boil. You let it boil for about 14 minutes and then remove it from the heat and let it fully cool. Once it's cool add about half a lemon worth of juice and refrigerate.

I tried it on my PB and J for lunch today and it was awesome. Yes that's Jif in the background, and the containers have applesauce and cottage cheese. Now you know what I eat for lunch about 80% of the time.

Tonight I kept things simple. I stopped by The Wedge on my way home from a quick bike ride around the lakes. I picked up some mushrooms, aspergras, and some spinach and feta chicken sausage. I sautéed it all together for about 10 minutes and served with freshly baked biscuits.

I had to make biscuits because I also picked up some honey from Ames Farm this week. I'm saving a few to have with my jam for dinner tomorrow.