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Wednesday Where #23

I have no idea how this is still going on, and I'm not talking about this feature but my blog. I've launched and killed too many sites and none of them have survived as long as this single feature has. So thanks for making this site fun.

First, last weeks Where? was guessed pretty closely, the bridge is actually located over Minnehaha creek, due north of Lake Nokomis. Unfortunately, Google maps doesn't let me see the trail so I can't give a link to the exact location. Maybe if I take a bike ride that direction when the weather isn't 95+ I'll get a photo of a better view.

This week is a neat building I came across during the last week. I was working at the time and when I pulled off to the side of the road to snap this photo, I looked over and saw a lady sitting on her front porch staring at me. Of course I had the Current playing a bit too loud and I'm fumbling with a camera. Since I have a big company logo on the side of my car, I wonder what she thought?

You have to love the blue sky and green grass framing the building, right?