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Herb Garden Update One

If you don't remember, I started a small garden in my dining room a little over a week ago. I thought I would share a quick update, because not only has it grown, it's also expanded quite a bit. Things started to sprout very quickly. Before that happened though, I went to the farmers market on Saturday and ended up picking up a few herbs that had been started for me. I picked up mint, thyme, and garlic chives.

I thought these fit in well with my current lineup of herbs. A few of the seedlings had started by this point, the basil was doing extremely well. Here is a photo on the seventh day.

I've discovered that some of the jars I used aren't really suitable for growing. The jars like the one the basil in are the best as they are wide mouth and don't have a lip underneath. You can't really see it in this photo of the oregano, but I had quite a few sprouts underneath this lip. I'm not sure what will happen with those, but I'm worried it may cause some problems.

Of course I can't just let things go, I'm always looking to improve. So after wandering through Target's gardening section I came across these brightly colored pots for $6. I was going to buy two to transplant the starter herbs from the market but realized I had some seeds I still needed to plant. I put the thyme and mint in the same pot and put the rosemary next to some marjoram. The pot with nothing in it right now has cilantro and spearmint. Finally, I finished a jar of pickles last night, and also moved some coffee beans that were in another jar into a plastic container. These got more oregano and parsley.

Things are still sitting on my kitchen table as I haven't found a shelving solution I like. I'm happy with the progress. Hopefully I can learn to leave things alone and just enjoy the growth, but I don't expect that to happen.

Remember, you can follow the progress of the garden at my Herb Garden set on Flickr.