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Memorial Day Weekend

I love three day weekends. This one was definitely a great one. The weather was great and I kept busy doing things I love. My Friday was spent at work of course, but afterwards I got home, walked to the library to pick up a book that was being held for me and then I biked down to First Avenue.

Side Note: Since I moved to Uptown, I hadn't tried biking to downtown Minneapolis. After Friday night I'll never go any other way. It took me ten minutes to get to First Avenue, and it should have taken me five. It would have taken twenty minutes to drive there and park and it would have cost a lot more.

First Avenue was hosting Rock for Pussy which was a David Bowie tribute concert. It was a benefit to raise money for the Minnesota Valley Humane shelter. It was a lot more fun that I had expected and I really enjoyed myself. I ended up hanging out with Art and Emily, and meeting a few of her friends, including Stephanie (who's blog I've been reading for a while). Stephanie informed me the grilled cheese at First Ave is delicious, and I take her food opinions seriously, as she writes about bacon weekly. I didn't try it that night, but I intend on returning and giving it a try.

Side Note #2: Emily's friend Molly asked me to inform my readers that she recycles. There was a conversation preceding this, but I had consumed a few too many adult beverages at this point and it's too blurry to recount accurately.

I headed home early because Saturday I headed up north to a friend's cabin for a few days. The weekend was spent fishing, drinking, sitting by the fire, and enjoying as much of the perfect weather as possible. I managed to win boche ball and won two straight games of cards. I only mention because winning lawn and card games is something I never do.

I should probably also mention that I took some photos.

This fawn was laying right next to the road when we were just getting to the cabin. Don't worry, it's mother came back and saved it later.

There were a few hummingbirds flying around the cabin. I probably took fifty photos. Hummingbirds are awesome.

I managed to snap this shot on our way into the lake we were fishing on. Who doesn't love loons?

Finally, while were were fishing we saw some people bowfishing. I was hoping to snap a photo of them actually trying to get a fish, but I settled for this. It was a 20+ pound buffalo fish thye caught before we showed up. I don't know if I've ever seen a fish that large in real life.

On Monday we headed home fairly early and I spent the afternoon relaxing. I got Chipotle for dinner and vegged out in front of my computer watching my new summer TV show In Plain Sight. Overall the weekend was a smashing success, and I'm looking forward to a nice short four day week.

Side Note #3: For some reason this year it hit me that I haven't attended a Memorial Day ceremony in much too long. I used to attend the one in my hometown nearly every year. I even read a poem I had published one year. I think I need to remedy this next year. Sometimes we forget why we get three day weekends.