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An Interview with Your Host

I have 3 drafts I want to publish, but all are below even my quality assurance guidelines. So I engaged the services of Frank Allen to interview me.

Frank Allen: What is one thing your readers have to know about you?

Conner: I have no idea what I'm doing. Day in and day out I'm just making things up. Of course that's not just on this blog, but pretty much everything I do.

FA: What is your favorite music?

C: It's impossible to say, it changes weekly, daily, sometimes even minutely. Of course if it's on the Current I'm usually ok with it.

FA: Minutely? Is that even a word?

C: If it wasn't a second ago, it is now.

FA: What scares you?

C: I'm only afraid of a few things. Heights and scorpions are two big ones. Also trapper keepers are a bit nerve racking. All that organization in a small package, creepy.

FA: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what five things would you most want with you?

C: Assuming this is somewhere tropical where food isn't too difficult to come by, I would say one good pot, and one good frying pan. The all three books from the Lord of the Rings in one book, The Worst Case Scenario Guidebook, and a pack of Charmin from Costco

FA: Whole Wheat or White?

C: White Pasta and Whole Wheat Bread

FA: What influenced you the most growing up?

C: My parents had a big impact and growing up in a town of 200 people and graduating with six other kids in my class had a big impact on how I see the world.

FA: Do you have a favorite color?

C: Currently it's #6bb8ee

FA: Favorite food?

C: Lasagna, though tacos come in a close second.

FA: Favorite author?

C: Again, this isn't really possible for me to answer. Right now it wavers between David Weber and Neal Stephenson.

FA: Favorite Drink?

C: Ooh this is a tough one, and totally depends on my mood. Lemonade is my favorite non-alcoholic beverage. For alcoholic it's has to be a Surly Bender, and it only loses to Surly Furious because my stomach hates Furious.

FA: What's your favorite thing to cook?

C: Pizza! Ever since I started making my own crust I love trying to create new things. Of course going back to sausage and pepperoni occasionally is fun to.

FA: If you could choose one type of weather what would it be like?

C: 78 degrees, sunny, with a light cool breeze, and cooling off to at least 55 at night.