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Thoughts, Links, and Photos 5/29 Edition

It's Friday, I have the day off and instead of going fishing, photo hunting, or sitting on a patio with a drink all day I have to go furniture shopping. I need a couch so I can invite people over so I can cook things and not eat it all myself.

  • Via Emily, a tutorial on how to pet your cat. If you don't own a cat you probably won't understand.
  • Kottke posts this link to an article on how introverts travel. I loved it because it described my travel methods quite well.
  • We finally figure out what you see when you die. Yes that is a cat on a keyboard in space.
  • If someone was to buy this for me I would bake them a pizza.
  • I love Minneapolis for many reasons, but the combo of the River, the Parks, and the Skyline is high on the list.

  • Via Eyeteeth, an artist has redone the Wu-Tang Clan's covers. I've always been a fan of the Wu, and now I'd willing show off their CDs.
  • Pancakes on heads make for great art.
  • This one didn't turn out nearly as well as I hoped it would, and the wood ducks I saw were a complete failure. Still it was pretty cool just how close I was able to get to this guy.

  • XKCD sums up why driving to bars sucks. Someone always brings a goat.
  • We had Bike to Work week in Minneapolis a few weeks ago, Bob Collins of MPR rode to work and filmed the endeavor. I rode that route one time when I lived in Woodbury, I don't think I would have been able to work afterwards.
  • Finally Doniree asked what you will never outgrow and I realized that I'm always excited when I see big machines. This crane just off the river in Minneapolis is just one example.

Well that's it for me, I'm off to find myself some furniture. Have a great weekend all.