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Thoughts, Links, and Photos 6/4 Edition

I have a pretty big post I was working on this week but I just can't get it finished. I'm hoping to get it finished over the weekend, but it's something I'm pretty excited to publish so I may take a little longer than normal to write it. So today you get some thoughts and some links. Photos are minimal but that's okay.

  • If you haven't seen this mashup of the Brat Pack dancing to Lisztomania yet you're missing out. I've watched this video multiple times and it still gets to me.
  • An onion tart is featured over at Orangette
  • I never finished my post on seeing Solid Gold at the Lynlake Streetfest but here is a photo. More can be found here.

  • Simple, Good, and Tasty writes about a school in Newark that put growing lunch into the students hands. I love this idea, I think everyone should grow their own food at least once.
  • Do you restrict your hi-res photos on Flickr, read this please. (via Deets after Dark)
  • The lock and dams in Minneapolis are pretty prominent features on your river, still I can't help but wish we had this. (via kottke)
  • No smoking in the Metrodome gives up the best thing I've seen in a while. A Twins logo outside that will soon overlook real outdoor baseball. Related: Look at that view!
  • A completely valid use of an ad. Tim Olson, I agree with you.
  • has a recipe for a virgin ginger mojito. I tried it and it was good, and you could even ad rum if your feeling rebellious. (found via heidiohlander)
  • And because I'm posting this an hour before Friday, always remember, the Flickr: Last 7 days interesting photos link is always, always, always worth a click.

Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy the heck out of your weekend.