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Friday Five 6/5/09

Because I'm lazy and hate coming up with new post ideas, I'm starting a new feature to compliment Wednesday Where? It's Friday five. It's five items that have something in common. It may be five things that drove me nuts this week. Five funny words, five posts I think you should read. Basically the only rule is I limit it to five items and there has to be a common thread. Today I give you five things that made me smile this week.

  • Via Flickr user blueintheburge a lion who is a caption just waiting for writing. (She does a damn good job on her own.
  • Art and Emily review U Otter Stop Inn and I agree with everything they say. In fact I was there on Tuesday night this week. Don't worry though I didn't dance like Art did.
  • My friends Marissa and Adam got a new family member, if that photo doesn't bring a smile to your face I can't help you.
  • Kaeti shared this letter and after I got done being misty eyed, I took it as a challenge to see the good in things.
  • I doubt you will find this inspirational poster on many office walls, but I think the point should be noted.

I should mention that this idea was stolen in part from Bob Collins who authors the News Cut blog for MPR. His Five at eight feature is never a disappointment and is a must read if you enjoy learning new things or getting the real story behind the headlines.