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The Funnies

I have to admit that I had never heard of J. Robert Lennon until I picked up one of his books at the library. Now that I've read one of his books though, I've decided I need to go back and make sure that The Funnies wasn't a fluke.

The Funnies is a good book. It's inspirational, full of weird stories, great characters, and just a bit of humor. It's basically tells the story of a family of a comic strip author in a sort of roundabout way. It start out quickly and Lennon keeps you engaged throughout the entire story. I would say the biggest knock against The Funnies is it's a bit predictable. Very few of the plot twists come as a surprise but this is fine because you wait in anticipation for it to happen.

The Funnies is an easy read, I read this after reading Anathem and it was the perfect way to decompress. I actually read The Funnies from start to finish in one day.

Rating on scale of 1-10: 6