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MN Reading List Update

There will be no Wednesday Where? today. I've been home most evenings and couldn't find anything in my photo archives that seemed like a good candidate. Sorry about that. Instead I give you nine new blogs to peruse. They have been added to my Minnesota Reading List page. Please add any comments over there.

  • All Those Possible Worlds - A tumble blog in the truest sense, lot of updates so subscribe with caution. (They are good updates though, so it's worth it)
  • insights outsights - Another tumble blog, lots of inspirational content.
  • MNStories - Video's by Minnesotans about Minnesota.
  • Blog, Blog, Blog - Kassie's new site, replacing Mmmmmm, Dinner. Following her 101 in 1001 journey.
  • Name Taglines - Name tags not found at your last convention.
  • That's how we do it in the T.C. - Replacing We Have Mixed Feelings about Sven Svengaard.
  • The Punsultancy - Brought to you by the same guy who brings you Hey Look it's Art. If you enjoy groaning give it a try.
  • T****y Photoblog - I refuse to write the whole title here, but even with a name that isn't fit to print the photos are stellar.
  • a simple exchange - Only 50% Minnesotan but 100% fun and inspirationa.