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In an attempt to keep my blog from growing mold and slowly disappearing I thought I should put something up here. The last week has been fun, but I just didn't have the ambition to write about anything. I thought I would put a quick listing of what I've been up to.

First, I went to my first night of Tech Karaoke last week. I had been planning on going to this on several previous occasions, but instead of making it I kept either forgetting or having something come up. I had a really good time, met some new people and even sang "Fat Bottomed Girls". I'll definitely be making it to more of these. I rode my bike to The Otter that night and it was kind of scary riding home. Lightening was flashing over the city, but once I realized it was nowhere near me all I could think of is how much I wished I would have had my camera and tripod with.

I also tried out a couple food places recommended to me. The first place I tried was the Cheeky Monkey Deli in St. Paul. Art was the first person who told me about it, and I'll be honest, I'm listening to Art from now on. Not only is the place very unique, but the food was unreal. I had the roast beef sandwich and for what you pay you get some damn tasty food. I definitely recommend you check it out. The second place I tried was Dave's popcorn. I had a craving for a chocolate shake earlier in the week and this was recommended by Angie as a great place to get a shake. I stopped by Friday and was not disappointed. It might not have been the best shake I've ever had but it was in the top ten.

Finally Saturday was incredible. I started out the day biking to the Stone Arch Festive. I wandered around, ate a few unhealthy things and really enjoyed the art on display. I've decided I should really work on my photography, maybe even take some classes, because I would love to compete with some of the artists on display there. I also took in a show by the The Alrights, who are slowly becoming a favorite of mine.

The Crowd at Rock the Garden

Saturday evening was the kicker though. I had purchased Rock the Garden tickets the day they went on sale and couldn't have been more excited to go. We ended up missing Solid Gold, which I was okay with as I had seen them live previously. But we got there in time to see the other three bands. Yeahsayer was a disappointment for me. Though I enjoy their music, their live show was kind of boring. They just didn't really have any sort of presence in my opinion and their music isn't overpowering in itself. Calexico on the other hand blew me away. Of the four bands that were playing they were actually the one I was least looking forward to seeing, but they proved me wrong. Between the trumpets, the upbeat tempo,and the perfect music for a sizzling hot day I couldn't have had more fun. I'm definitely a bigger fan of Calexico due to seeing them live.

The capper to the evening was of course The Decemberists. I had been looking forward to seeing them for quite some time. I can understand how some people aren't fans of them, but I can't help but enjoy them. I wasn't sure about the fact they were playing The Hazards of Love from beginning to end, but it really worked. I think I'll enjoy listening to the album more now. The end of their shows was awesome to, they played a couple songs from earlier CDs and then capped the evening off with a cover of Crazy on You. It was really a perfect ending to the night and I thought they actually did a better job that Heart did.

That's my last week in a nutshell, hope you had a great one and hopefully I'll be back to keeping your days full of insanely boring things soon. This heat is draining any ambition I have and I"ve been super busy at work. I'm going to try very hard to get a Where? up tomorrow, so hopefully I'll hear from you then.