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Friday Five 6/26/2009

After a week absence not three weeks in I'm bringing back Friday five. I had a hard time deciding what to put here this week. But decided after yesterday's NBA draft it would be okay to put a basketball related post up. So here we go, the five most baffeling Minnesota Timberwolves moves.

  1. Keeping Kevin McHale as GM from 1994-2008. McHale started out with a bang, but as moves 2-4 show, he made some incredible moves that just didn't make sense at the time. If you look at the moves that could have worked that didn't McHale's tenure as GM was an incredible series of failures.
  2. Making an "under the table" deal with Joe Smith. If any move the Wolves have made it was this unofficial move that has done more to wreck this franchise an anything else. Losing five draft picks for a above average power forward has done more to set this franchise back than anything.
  3. Drafting Rashad McCants. Drafting a player like McCants to play alongside Kevin Garnett was unexplainable. You don't draft a self absorbed shoot first guard to play against one of the most unselfish big man of all time.
  4. Trading O.J. Mayo for Kevin Love. I liked this trade when it happened and I still like it, but from a business perspective it made no sense. Your fan base was drooling with the thought of Mayo alongside Big Al and you would have sold season tickets with that duo. Instead you took an unexciting, yet admittedly very skilled, forward. How many thousands of dollars were lost due to this move?
  5. Drafting Ricky Rubio and Johnny Flynn with the 5th and 6th picks of the 2009 draft. When this happened I was shocked and appalled and I'm still kind of confused. As more information becomes available I think it's just Kahn protecting himself. This league revolves around point guards since they change the rules and he wants to be sure that if Rubio isn't willing to come to Minnesota he has another talented guard ready.

All that being said, I'm exciting or the Wolves. Something new is coming and even if it's another poor season, the thought of change makes me happy. I'm also ecstatic that we actually have a point guard on the roster. In todays league a point guard can make or break your team. I'm looking forward to the rest of the off season and the start of a new era.