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I haven't posted anything cooking related in quite some time. Part of that is due to the heat and lack of any appetite when the temperature passes 85, and the other part is just plain laziness on my part. I've been scrounging up whatever I can find in my fridge and putting together dinner options I've either written about previously or wouldn't feed to my cat (if I owned a cat).

Friday though, I got ambitious. Some of this may have had to do with my new French Press I purchased on Thursday at Target. Whatever the reason, I decided to make some crepes. I had a pound of strawberries in the fridge and decided to make sweet crepes. I also made up some fresh whipped cream.

Side note: If there is any one reason I need to buy myself a hand mixer or a Kitchenaid Mixer it's so my arm doesn't fall off when making whipped cream.

Here was the result of my efforts, and it was a pretty good breakfast that went well with my first cup of home-brewed coffee in four months.

Of course they would have been better with hash browns and bacon, but my lack of grocery shopping kind of put a damper on that, s so all I had were these. Still, they were a wonderful start to the weekend.