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Heading North and Disconnected

I'm going camping this weekend, I'm leaving town at noon and heading in the general direction of Perham. I'm looking forward to a weekend of boating, drinking, eating, driving my friends crazy, and fresh air. One of my rules when camping is that I don't use my cell phone, which means I'm out of touch with the world from the time I enter the campground until the time I hit my first town the day I leave. So if you want to reach me you'll just have to wait until Sunday.

Of course if we brought carrier pigeons back you could reach me when camping, I would definitely bring one of those with me.

Oh and one last thing that I wanted to put on my Friday Five, but wasn't published yet, please read this letter to the Twins management and share it with every Twins fan you know. Better yet, print it off, add your own comment and mail it to 34 Kirby Puckett Pl, Minneapolis, MN 55415. Let's force the management to reward not just us fans but also the best players in the league by trying for a championship.