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Friday Five 8/14 Edition

Five Questions for my readers:

  1. What's your favorite recipe or food to make during our hot summer days?
  2. Who's your favorite superhero?
  3. Favorite sandwich place in Minneapolis/St. Paul, or wherever you happen to live?
  4. What brand of toilet paper do you buy?
  5. If you could go back to your senior year of high school and choose your path, what would you have changed, if anything?

My answers
1. Egg Salad, usually in a sandwich but also on crackers, pitas, and even with potato chips.

2. Superman, it may be unoriginal but it's the truth.

3. I'm not much of a deli goer, but the Cheeky Monkey pretty much rules.

4. Target Brand or Charmin depending on where I am.

5. I would either got to school for photography or head off to culinary school. Of course I'm still young and either option is still a possibility. Of course I also love the life I have now so I'm not complaining.