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No Longer a Fan

Well it's looking more and more like it will be official. I'm once again going to be a nomadic NFL fan. For my regular readers you may know that during the past year I became a Vikings fan. This may not seem like much to most people but it was for me. I grew up in Montana; a state that not only doesn't have a major professional team but doesn't have one in a neighboring state, choosing a team to be a fan of was not easy. Most people from my hometown were Viking, Packer, or Bronco fans. I personally never latched onto any one pro football team, and until I moved to Minneapolis, I planned to keep it that way. That changed last year. I started listening to KFAN, reading more local sports writers, and slowly came around to the Vikings. They had rid themselves of the players I disliked while I was a neutral fan, and drafted one of my favorite rising stars, Adrian Peterson.

So I gave them my support last year and had a great time watching them even though they had too many warts to make a legitimate run as a Super bowl. Then I followed them throughout the off-season and watched as they took our newfound relationship and drove it to the edge of a cliff repeatedly.

It started with the first headline I saw about Favre and the Vikings talking. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the NFL is a business and by signing Favre they are no longer going to have trouble selling tickets. He is also potentially a major upgrade at quarterback and anyone who watched the Vikings last year knows that this is a major selling point. I can see where management is drooling at the prospect of putting him in uniform. However, as a fan of the game of football I can't stand seeing Brett Favre allowed to play this game of chicken. He strung the Vikings along for months while he "decided" whether he could play, then announced that he was done, claiming it was the hardest decision he had made. Well he made another decision apparently, because today it looks as though Brett Favre is going to change his mind yet again and sign with the Vikings.

I have no problem with Brett Favre coming out of retirement. I can't imagine having to quit doing something that I love at such a young age. What I can't forgive Brett Favre for is stringing along both the franchise and the fans for an entire off-season.

If they sign Favre, the Vikings should be ashamed of themselves. They are allowing a look-at-me player choose the course for their franchise. This isn't what I thought this organization was about anymore. They seemed intent on putting players in uniform who were team players. They have the two incredible players in their backfield who happily share snaps, they had a quarterback dual that seemed nearly resolved but didn't appear to create any undue tension, and they have an deep wide receiver corps that looked poised to willingly share catches. It was a franchise I wanted to support. But, if they sign Brett Favre after everything he's done this off-season, I won't be able to support them.

So I'll spend next season watching the Vikings of course but I won't be a true fan, and I'll admit I probably never will be. If I was a true fan this would not an end to our fan ship, I would just shake if off and continue supporting the team. Maybe this turn of events is as much an indictment of my poor support as it is of a team willing to ignore their culture for a chance at a Super bowl.