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Well a tornado struck downtown Minneapolis today. I was at work near the Mall of America when it happened and followed the action via Twitter and other sources. I was a touch worried about my place because the tornado struck not far from it. In fact the tornado struck the Electric Fetus which is less than a mile as the crow flies from my house. But thankfully I was lucky and had no serious damage. Lots of other people weren't so lucky and I'm hoping they get things rolling quickly to get their homes and cars back in order.

In case you were wondering, here is the extent of the damage to my place.

A damp floor and damp sheets. Nothing that a fan and the sun can't fix.

Today was another example of how the man on the street armed with the right tools is the best source for news happening now. The media may be able to present it better but following events on Twitter or elsewhere reported by citizens gets you a better picture right away.