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Hell is Not all It's Cracked up To Be

Yesterday, after all the weather related excitement I wandered down to Moto-I for a chance to try the new Surly Beer that was being released there. I had heard about this earlier in the week and decided that it would be a fun experience. I had tried Surly's Bitter Brewer earlier this year at Common Roots but had missed their 16 Grit release party at Grumpy's in March.

I'm a big fan of some of Surly's beers. I love Furious, really enjoy Bender, and their Cynic Ale is one of the better ales. Unfortunately, Hell was not impressive. To be fair, part of this was my assumptions, for a brewery like Surly, the name Hell seemed to shout flavor. This isn't the case though. Hell is a German Style Lager brewed in the tradition of Munich Helles. It's a little too light for me, though it had plenty of good flavors. I would consider it a fine replacement for the usual PBR/Hamm/Budweiser that I usually take camping.

One thing that I wish I would have done is ate something while drinking it. I had grabbed dinner before I left the apartment in an effort to save money so I didn't try any of the food they were serving with the beer. I think having the right food pairing with it could have brought out some of the sweeter flavors hidden in the beer. Thankfully it appears Surly appears to be releasing it in cans so I may get a chance to pair it with something from my own kitchen.

The last thing I want to say is that Moto-i and Surly didn't do the best job organizing this event. Everything went okay, but they were making you buy tickets for $5 to purchase either Hell or any of the food they were serving as part of the event. This would have been fine, but they also had a full bar available that was taking cash for anything else. They said it was for tracking purposes, but it created a fair amount of confusion earlier in the evening. Hopefully next time they have a better system in place to allow them to track things yet make things simple for their customers. That being said, I did have a great time at Moto-i, which definitely isn't something new.