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Meatless Month

Over the last 18 months or so I've made some good changes to how I eat. I rarely eat processed foods, I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, and generally keep my diet varied. One change I made, almost without trying, is limiting how much meat I eat. I try hard to buy local meat which necessitates lower meat consumption and I found myself eating meat at every meal less often.

A few weeks ago I got on the scale for the first time all summer. My thoughts "....ummmm....what". I had undone all the good from last summer and then some. I still felt healthy, but it was a wake up call that eating healthy doesn't mean I can eat as much as I want and that without some form of vigorous exercise I can't maintain my weight.

So I made the decision then and there to do a few things. One, I'm getting back on my bike. As much as I love biking, I have put it off this summer in favor of reading, photography, and cooking. Second, I'm keeping a food diary again. It's what got me where I was last summer. Keeping track of what foods you eat and having to see your calorie intake is about the only way I know to control my appetite. I also decided to try something new this time. I'm going to try and be a vegetarian throughout the month of September. It's day eight and I've done pretty well so far, though I unintentional cheated once so far.

Thankfully I have a huge network of resources to help me with recipe ideas and protein replacement ingredients. If nothing else it will give me a better understanding of what those who choose to not eat meat at all go through everyday. I'm not doing that though, and expect to cook up at least a few pieces of bacon on 10/1.