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Salsa and Pesto

This Saturday I woke up and headed to the Midtown farmers market. I had never been to this market and was pleasantly surprised at the selection. Lots of good looking vegetables just calling my name. I ended up coming home with basil, cilantro, a ton of tomatoes, green beans, onions, and some sweet corn. My plans for the rest of the day were to make salsa and pesto.

The pesto was very easy, and something I have been meaning to try for quite a while. I used my new food processor and added a ton of basil, some walnuts, olive oil, and Parmesan and Romano cheeses. I actually used some last night for bruschetta and it was quite tasty.

The salsa was a bit more work. I started by blanching the tomatoes to make them easier to peel. After peeling them and getting out the majority of the seeds I added onion and cilantro. I had purchased peppers from the Mill City Farmers Market for chili the weekend before and I added those. I roasted the corn for about 30 minutes and let it cool before slicing it off the cob. A little lime juice and salt and the salsa was done. I was really happy with it and intend on getting more tomatoes, corn, and peppers next Saturday and attempting to can some.

I'm putting a lot more effort into getting to the various markets around town this fall so I can take advantage of the harvest season. Hopefully I'll have more deliciousness to share with you soon.

Also, thanks to Steph who gave me inspiration for the salsa. Her blog is full of great food related items.