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Friday Five 9/11/09 Edition

It's Friday, which is always a good thing, and it's also the first weekend of the NFL season. So here are a few things you can do besides watching football on Saturday and Sunday.

  1. Visit the Mid-Town Farmers Market - I visited this market last weekend and loved it. It's not as "nice" as Mill City Market but the prices seemed better and the tomatoes and onions that I got were awesome.
  2. Check out the Mill City Museum - I went there with my parents and it was awesome, be sure to check out the 19 minute video at the end.
  3. Make salsa or tomato sauce with the tomatoes you buy at the farmers market
  4. Check out the Hoot on Saturday night at The Music Box
  5. Head out to Como Zoo or check out an adventure pass to the Minnesota Zoo from your local library.

Of course I'll be watching the games all weekend, I love the start of football season and wouldn't miss it. I'm still waiting for someone to hand me Gophers tickets for tomorrow so I can enjoy that beautiful new stadium.

Have a great weekend all, no matter what you are doing.