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A Biking Question

I have a question for the bikers out there. Tonight I ran into a situation where I did what I thought was the safe and legal thing, but another biker did something different which nearly resulted in a crash. I want to know if I was in the wrong.

The incident happened at 28th and Lyndale. If you don't know the intersection, 28th is a two lane one way going east, crossing Lyndale which is a four lane road. This intersection has a light. Last night when biking home from Lake Calhoun, I turned onto 28th eastbound with the intention of turning left onto Lyndale going north. As I was approaching Lyndale the light turned red and I saw a car behind me. I was intending to turn left and could tell the car behind me wasn't going to pass me before reaching the intersection, so I moved over to take control of the left lane and signaled that I was taking a left turn. As I was waiting for the light to turn green, another biker moved into the far left side of the road, which isn't marked as a turn lane. When the light turned green I moved to make my left hand turn and the other biker kept going straight which I where the collision nearly occurred.

Now obviously the other biker didn't see my signal, but isn't what he did dangerous? If a car in the lane I was in decided to turn left and didn't notice him he would have been struck. On the other hand sometimes vehicles use the lane he was in as a turn lane even though it isn't marked as one.

What would you have done while approaching the intersection?