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Parent's Week Roundup

I intended to write individual posts regarding my week off when my parents were in town. Sadly this turned into a massive failure. I'm just going to put up this post running down what we did and my thoughts on each adventure.

After a slow Thursday morning, we headed out the door to Como Zoo. I had thought going to the zoo on the first day of the State Fair would help with the parking, but I was completely wrong. We found a spot eventually, but for a while, I was wishing we had taken the bus. Como zoo was great as always. If you haven't been, you should go while it's still summer. Winter is a great time as well, but it's nice to see the animals outside, instead of in a crowded barn.

Later that evening we visited the Walker for Target Free Thursday nights, we walked through the Quick and the Dead, and then walked out to the lawn to watch Solid Gold perform as part of the MN artist day.

I won't spend much time on Friday, we headed out to the state fair early and had a great day. You can check out my recap post here and my photo set here.

We got up Saturday and headed off to Minneapolis to shop at the Mill City Farmers Market. This is my favorite market in the cities, and I was able to pick up some hot peppers and some apple chipotle bread.

After our shopping, we wandered into the Mill City Museum. I was a bit skeptical at first that the museum would be worth it, but I walked away really happy to have gone. It's full of a lot of history and the Flour Tower tour is really neat. This is a tour that takes place on an elevator showing scenes and narration from mill workers that tell the history of the mill. The tour ends at the top of the tower where you get to see some of the original equipment and also take in a gorgeous view of the river. I recommend the museum, and be sure to check out the 19 minute movie that plays every half-hour.

After the museum, we walked across the Stone Arch Bridge, head a late lunch at the Bulldog N.E. and then we wandered into the Guthrie and enjoyed the Endless Bridge before heading home for the evening.

Sunday, we woke up and drove to St. Paul. We attended mass at the St. Paul Cathedral and then headed downtown to the Science Museum. The Science Museum was a lot of fun, we went through the Titanic Exhibit which was really interesting. It was incredible seeing artifacts which had been retrieved from the wreckage. The rest of the museum was interesting as well, but the highlight was the Titanic Exhibit. After the museum we had lunch at Great Waters Brewing, a brewery I hadn't managed to visit before this. I had their session beer and my dad had the Stout which he really enjoyed. We wandered through the St. Paul Central Library, which wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. We were planning on visiting the Capitol, but got there too late.

I had no additional plans, so I took my parents on a tour of St. Paul's Cathedral Hill, then drove through a portion of the Ground Rounds. We stopped at the Lyndale Rose Garden and walked down the band shell. It was a gorgeous and and it was a lot of fun seeing the roses in the garden and the crowds around the lake. We ended the evening by visiting Moto-I where I introduced my parents to fresh sake, something I try to do with anyone who visits me.

My plan on Monday was to check out the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and then walk downtown for a late lunch before seeing the Twins. Unfortunately, the MIA is closed on Mondays. We decided to walk downtown looking for things to do. We ended up at the observation deck of the Foshay. This was really neat, the view itself is worth the eight dollars, and the small museum is an added bonus. After getting our fill of the view, I took my parents over to see Target Field, followed by lunch at Brits Pub before going to watch the Twins beat the White Sox.

Tuesday was my parents last day, and it was spent checking out the MIA, viewing the Walker Sculpture Garden, and then lunch at the Blue Door Pub. We also went to the State Capitol and we were impressed by the building. If you haven't been to see the Capitol building you should really go, it's a really impressive structure and they have a lot of interesting history inside. This was the end of my parent’s week here, and I had a great time doing many things I've been meaning to do this year.