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Friday Five 9/18/09 Edition

Welcome to Friday everyone, another week is 8 hours from completion and the weekend is just around the corner. Here are five things I read or watched this week that made me smile, laugh, or just nod my head and say "yep, this is awesome".

  • Doniree takes on "The Cocktail Question" and blows it away. If you don't read her blog you should do so, this girl can write.
  • Ed Kohler posted this image and I almost spit out my coffee.
  • This video is not safe for work or near small children, but it's funny even if you are sick of the Kanye West noise. (also contains Hitler)
  • Crooks and Liars lists 10 lessons for Tea Baggers, not that any of them would listen.
  • A brewery in New York has crafted a bacon beer. I'll admit, I'm not rushing out to buy a plane ticket.

Finally, I give you the bonus item of the week, which is probably the cutest video you will see this week.