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Derusha Day Poster

Back in July, Jason DeRusha of WCCO asked a Good Question about how you get a day dedicated. In sudden fashion, the Twin Cities web was flooded with people declaring July 30th, 2009, Jason DeRusha Day. I managed to obtain the original DeRusha Day poster which was printed off by Greg Swan to help promote the occasion at his work.

This poster sat on my desk ever since (I'm not exactly speedy when it comes to filing or throwing away things), and was even used as a mouse pad. Then last week, the mayor of Minneapolis R.T. Rybak declared 9/21/2009 Jason DeRusha day. So I asked on Twitter whether the old poster was worth anything. Doug told me I should put it on eBay. I thought about it for a while, and then discovered that Jason was making his celebration at OM in Minneapolis a fund raiser for People Serving People. So I decided to auction off the poster for charity. It's currently on eBay, with all proceeds going to People Serving People.