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Friday Five 9/25/09 Edition

Today's post is going to cause some of you to break into cold sweats. Yes, I know you already have too many sites in your RSS reader, but I'm going to give you five more sites you should be reading.

  • Letters of Note - I've been reading this site for a few weeks now and love it. Some very inspiring stuff. Also some real tearjerkers.
  • Learn Something Every Day - Kaeti sent me to this a while back and I love it.
  • Swissmiss - Many of you probably know about this site, but if you don't and like design you should be reading it.
  • insights outsights - An great collection of photos, quotes, and other inspirational and happy stuff.
  • NPR Ombudsman Blog - A recent discovery, and who doesn't love a good post by a Ombudsman.

Now that I've given you all this great stuff, what are you up to this weekend. Anything fun, exciting, or just plain different?