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It is a Small World

I apologize if you now have the worst earwig in the world stuck in your head, but I didn't know what else to call this post. Our story starts on Tuesday where an awesome friend of mine scored a +1 for volunteering at First Avenue for the Phoenix show. Now if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I had been trying to get(begging for) tickets few weeks. So I was very excited to go.

First, the concert was great, Phoenix puts on a great show and you could tell they were excited to be at First Avenue. Everything they played was great. I'd write a big recap but I'm awful at writing about concerts. Instead I'm going to send you to More Cowbell's writeup which was pretty much spot on.

During the show though, something happened that later that week really showed off how small this town really is. About halfway through the performance, I saw the bouncer at the front of the state shining his flashlight into the crowd. Wondering what he was doing I looked behind me and saw this girl on a guy's shoulders. I saw the bouncer yell and then it looked like he headed back there to put a stop to it. At the time I really didn't think much of it, crazy stuff isn't that unusual at First Ave.

The next night I went to Give & Take and participated in a game called "Hi honey, how was your day?" The premise of the game is to walk up to someone you don't know and ask them that question. I didn't know my neighbor so we both asked the question and we told each other about our day. It turns out we had both been to the Phoenix show the night before.

Side note: If you haven't been to Give & Take yet, you should keep your eyes open for the next event in October. It's a lot of fun, extremely interesting, and if you enjoy meeting smart people it's a great place to be.

Now the fact that two people went to a sold out show at First Avenue isn't really that much of a stretch. Yes it's a small venue, but the idea is not outlandish. But then we starting talking a bit more about the show. She started telling me about the show and said that something strange, that had never happened to her before happened at the show. She proceeded to tell me that she was standing in the middle of the floor when suddenly this guy came up behind her, picked her up, and put her on his shoulders.

Yes, the girl who I saw on the shoulders of a guy in the middle of the floor sat next to me at an event the next day. How crazy is that?