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Life Gives You Lemons (and the water and sugar)

I've had an eventful last few days. After my crazy birthday experience, things began to settle down, until Sunday.

I went to dinner at the Red Stag Supper club which was great, but on the way home I accidently turned the wrong way down a one way. A Minneapolis police officer just happened to be coming down the street and I got pulled over. I was a little frustrated because I noticed my mistake right away, drove slowly and got off the road the second I safely could, yet still got a ticket. At $175 it seems a bit much for a mistake anyone can make.

I was exhausted yesterday due to a bout of insomnia. I had to go downtown for work and while walking through the skyway I smelled popcorn. On my way back to my car I stopped into get some. I'm pretty sure the girl who was serving me thought I was crazy. I was unable to answer any of her questions on the first try. I even failed to answer whether I wanted butter and salt without stumbling over my words. Still, I came away with popcorn so overall it was a win.

I came home yesterday and went to the grocery store for pizza and cookie ingredients. I wrote down a list and realized halfway there I had forgotten it. I managed to remember almost everything, but when I got home I discovered had forgotten the brown sugar. Happily, my corner store had some so I didn't have to walk that far to remedy that mistake. Then,once I started making the cookies I discovered I had no eggs. Thankfully, the Internet exists and I discovered I could use flax seeds and water or squash to replace eggs. This worked out really well and the cookies turned out excellent.

Today though I woke up after a great nights sleep, made coffee, ate some oatmeal, and made it to work on time. I may have even scored a couch for my apartment from Kate which would be awesome. Now if I can just win her contest and score the awesome set of prizes that she is giving away, my week will be complete. If I win you will of course get to read all about the disasters that will ensue.