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Happy October

Is it really October? I've reviewed all the calendars I can find and they all state that September was 30 days long. I'm pretty sure they made a mistake and it was only 15 days. It's the only explanation for how fast that month went by.

I'm leaving town tomorrow morning and heading up north to a friend's cabin. It's an annual gathering of my college friends and it's always a blast. Cards, games, drinking, bad jokes, fires, and walks in the woods will all be taking place. I will barely be recovered on Sunday when Art, Andrew, Gabe, and I head to the Bulldog Uptown to start the first leg of our Twin Cities Reuben Tour.

Did I mention my October is crazy. Next weekend we have the Zombie Pub Crawl, something that I meant to attend last year but managed to miss. I have been invited to two birthday parties, one of which is a two part caper. We kick of a new season of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra next Sunday in Stillwater. Halloween is sure to include some sort of revelry, and I still need to go apple picking, make some pumpkin pie, take fall photos, bike, eat more squash, learn how to make new soups, and cross a few more items off my Minnesota Todo list. Did I mention there are at least a few shows I want to go see as well? Yep, this is going to be fun.

It's funny, last year at this time I would be looking around for things to do, failing, and then sitting at home wondering how you find things to do in this city. It was ten months ago that I really started using Twitter and it has has a dramatic impact on me. It brought me back into the Internet community and helped get my blog rolling along. Most importantly, I've met a lot of great new people in the real world as well. I'm never looking for things to do, instead I'm usually trying to decide what I'm going to have to miss.


Sorry for the completely disjointed and random post. I'm in a really weird mood today for some reason and my thought processes are completely out of whack. If I wasn't at work I think I'd be sitting at a bar with my laptop, writing and striking up conversations with anyone who was foolish enough to sit next to me.