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Friday Five 10/2/09 Edition

I'm leaving town in just a few hours. Me and a bunch of my college friends are going to a cabin up north. It's apparently going to be cold and possibly rainy which isn't great, but we will make the most of it. I'll be disconnected once I arrive, minus a few potential phone calls to fellow travelers. I'm looking forward to a few days away.

Today's five is a list of things you should do in the upcoming week. I'm hoping to get to most of them but it's hard to say. Especially Thursday since it includes two events.

  • Zombie Pub Crawl - Saturday - Dress like a zombie and drink beer with fellow zombies. If this isn't your idea of fun I don't want to know what is.
  • Kick off concert for the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra - Sunday - It's in Stillwater but should be excellent and worth the drive. Did I mention it was free, and if you ask nicely I can drive if you are willing to show up early.
  • Loney Dear at the 7th Street Entry - Friday - It's the Entry so it's reasonable priced and it should be a great show.
  • Target Free Thursday at the Walker - Thursday - A interesting looking new exhibit opened last week and this my first chance to see it.
  • Brave New Workshop - Thusday, Friday, or Saturday - If you haven't seen their latest show it only runs until the end of the month, don't miss it.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm, fall is here whether we like it or not.