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Twins Stories from a Duluth Bar

This past weekend was what me friend's and I call cabin weekend. We generally get together the beginning of October and catch up, have a few drinks, and cause a ruckus at a friend's cabin. This year was no exception and we had a blast even though it rained the majority of the time.

I took the day off on Friday and went to Duluth. I had planned on this a few weeks ago, hoping that I could get some photos of fall leaves and the lake. Instead it was rainy with 40+ mph gusts. At first I was disappointed, but it didn't take long after hitting up Fitgers before I had struck up a few conversations with other bar goers. During one conversation a couple who was also on vacation told me three fun Twins related stories.

This couple was from Woodbury and had lived in the Twin Cities for most of their lives. The husband, said that back in '91 his friends went to Vegas and asked if he wanted to place any bets. He asked his friend to bet on the Twins to win the ALCS, but apparently this wasn't possible so his friend placed the bet on the Twins winning the World Series. The story gets even better, because not only did the Twins win the World Series that season, but he managed to get tickets to see the 7th game of that series and sat in center field.

The wife told me a story about the time when she was very young and her and her family went to the game at the Metropolitan stadium. She somehow got separated from her family and some strangers took her to a local hotel and dropped her off with the management. Apparently this was the hotel that the Twins players stayed at and she ended up hanging out in a room with the team. Her parents managed to find her but she said she wasn't really that excited to leave with all the attention they team was giving her.

Finally the husband told me about attending a game at the '65 World Series. His father's friend had an auto parts store who got a bunch of tickets to one of the games. He took the bus to the stadium and when he arrived he discovered he had left his ticket in a book at his school. Instead of turning around and heading back, and missing a good chunk of the game, he went to the gate and somehow was let in because he knew the name of the auto parts store that had purchased the tickets. Somehow I don't think this would be possible in today's world.

Of course I didn't do any of these stories justice, but they are still fun.