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Sunday 10/11/09

I try to keep this blog updated regularly, but it seems like I fall behind more frequently then I keep up any more. Still I'm happy to report that other than a small spat of writer's block on Friday, I actually have just been too busy to write.

Friday, I went costume shopping, then had a couple drinks at the Independent, watched the Twins break my heart at Sauce and then was home fairly early, though not totally sober.

Saturday, I went to Mill City Market where I stole the mayorship from Kate. With only one week to go, hopefully I can retain it next weekend and hold onto it until spring. I picked up a few apples, some cranberries, and some garlic. Nicky and her mother gave me a few leeks as well. Looking forward to doing a some cooking next week.

After the market I hit up Unsummit and had a great time. Met a few people who I hadn't met in real life before and definitely learned quite a bit. I'm really looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I'll be a little better prepared and will get a bit more out of it. I also will have business cards by that time. You have to enjoy events where you get to network with great people and listen to people smarter than you throw ideas around a room.

After leaving Unsummit, me and Art got together and put the finishing touches on our zombie costumes and we headed downtown to the zombie pub crawl. I had a great time but they needed 30 more bars or so to participate. It was wall to wall zombies at every bar. On the plus side, wall to wall zombies is a lot of fun if you don't actually want to purchase a drink. We ended the night by rolling over to Northeast and doing a little karaoke at the Otter. Overall a successful zombie pub crawl debut.

Today, I have to go retrieve my car, do a bit of laundry, then it's off to Stillwater to listen to Beethoven while following the Twins game via whatever source I can find. Then we have another stop in the Reuben tour. Tomorrow, I have nothing scheduled. Hopefully I can lay low and recover a bit, and maybe finish and launch a couple new sites I have rattling around on the server.

Happy Sunday readers.