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Friday Five 10/30/2009

If you're wondering how my day started out, here is a quick snippet. At work we have a pot-luck on Halloween every year(obviously I live in Minnesota). Yesterday I baked an apple crisp for the pot luck. I woke up this morning and started thinking about lunch, and almost packed myself one. Then decided to say screw it and to get Chipotle. I carried the apple crisp all the way into the office before realizing that the item in my hand was for a pot luck I will attend for lunch. My brain isn't exactly firing on all cylinders yet.

One last tidbit, I signed up to present at PowerPoint Karaoke next Thursday. I'm already a little bit freaked out. I have no idea what I'm going to do to prepare, but next week should be interesting.

Ok, on with the five, today's theme is sun, because I'm 95% certain they moved me to Seattle three weeks ago and just haven't told me. (Obviously Mother Nature wants to mock me because as I was writing this post the sun came out)

Happy Friday readers! Hope you have a fun filled weekend and a fabulous Halloween.