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Friday Five 11/13/09 Edition

Art and I had a conversation about old blog posts earlier this week. This got me thinking about some of my old posts. So today's post is self serving and contains five posts that I really enjoyed for some reason.

  • My last birthday corresponded with a celebrity meetup
  • I gave up on online dating
  • I explained, with a video, just how rural of an area I grew up in
  • I informed the females of the Twin Cities how they can keep me from stalking them
  • I explained how Twitter brought me back to the world of social networks

Bonus Item: I also wrote a guide to Minnesota winters which I enjoyed.

P.S. I apologize for the ridiculous amount of typos you will experience while reading these posts.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone, get out there and enjoy the warmth, it's bound to end sometime.