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I Need a Date/Dates

As part of my birthday goals, I stated that I was going to try to date more. As of right now this has been a complete and utter failure, which honestly is not surprising. I've never been good at asking women out. I'm getting better at striking up conversations but I still usually end up not asking or end up discovering the girl is in a relationship or living in another state.

Therefore, I'm turning to the Internet for help*. I've tried online dating sites in the past and have never had any luck, so I'm going to use my blog to appeal to the single females of Minneapolis. Let's get lunch, dinner, coffee, breakfast, or drinks. Of course, I'm willing to do other things as well, if you ask me to come up with something more original for a date I will accommodate that.

I'm mainly looking for a fun time; a great conversation or an adventure with someone new. I'm not expecting fireworks or sex on the first date. That said, I am serious about finding someone to form a meaningful relationship with. I'm by no means ready to be done dating, but if I happen to find the one, I'm not going to freak out and run away because my single life is over.

If you are wondering why you should go a date with me, or introduce me to your friend, well I can give you a few reasons.

  1. I can cook. Evidence can be found here, here, and here
  2. I love adventure, whether in Minneapolis or elsewhere, exploring new places is sort of my hobby
  3. I'm a board member of an exceptional non-profit orchestra that gives their performances for free
  4. I love going out, but I'm also fond of just sitting at home, as long as I have someone to sit at home with
  5. I'm a touch crazy but in a good way
  6. I'm a giant geek who has learned to embrace his geekiness
  7. I'm not an asshole, and am pretty sure I never will be
  8. I'm almost always on time and I keep my promises
  9. I love to debate/argue, even if I agree with you, because it's my favorite way to learn. It's also ingrained in my father's family, all of my cousins are the same way.
  10. That being said, I hate conflict and drama
  11. I'm a terrible writer who loves to write
  12. I love to laugh
  13. I rarely get irritated or mad
  14. I'm kind of awkward and have been known to kill a conversation with the ease of an experienced creeper
  15. Yet I'm fairly certain that I'm not that creepy
  16. Did I mention I love food, of all kinds
  17. I have a degree that I'm currently putting to very poor use, but this is something I intend to remedy soon
  18. I'll drop everything to come to a friend's rescue
  19. I love taking pictures of pretty much everything
  20. I love music and am becoming a live music addict
  21. I have a terrible sense of style
  22. I'm an introvert who happens to be stuck in an extroverts skin

It’s probably time to stop talking about me and talk about you, or your friend, or your friend's friend.

What I'm looking for

  1. Someone in their twenties would be preferred
  2. I must find her attractive, sadly I'm not that great of a guy
    1. I prefer smaller girls, though not stick figuresque, curves are a good thing
    2. I have no preference when it comes to hair color
    3. Nice eyes, I have a thing for eyes
  3. Nerdiness/Geekiness is a plus; a love of Firefly, Monty Python, computers and the Internet, blogging, and/or the Discovery channel are encouraged
  4. You must love to eat; I cannot date a bird
  5. A love of adventure is key, if you find Minneapolis boring we probably won't get very far
  6. I'd prefer a woman who would rather watch the news than TMZ
  7. Pet owners are welcome as I love animals yet am currently sans pet

Okay, I'm going to stop there.

So here is the deal, I'd love to be introduced to someone great. I'm willing to go on a blind date, meet in a social setting, or develop a crazy ten part plan where we both wear orange and meet at the Sculpture Garden at sunset. Whatever you want I'm probably willing to accommodate. And maybe that's the last reason I'll give for why someone should take a chance with me. I'm extremely easy going and like to go with the flow, as long as it's a semi-planned flow. So send me an email or leave a comment and let’s make things happen.

* This post is in many ways inspired by Art, who met and is currently dating the wonderful Emily due to writing a similar post a while ago.