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If I Owned a Bar

If I owned a bar, it would be a brewpub. I would hire a brew master who enjoyed the heck out of his profession and was all about trying new and crazy brews. We would brew no typical beers at my pub. Of course, I would also have a large selection of other beers, both on tap and in bottles. I would try to carry any beer that was brewed within 150 miles of my bar and have a solid selection of imports. Liquor would be limited to the high-end variety. When possible, we would make our mixers in house.

The music selection would vary with the focus on indie and local bands. Customers would be encouraged to bring in mixed CD's that would be rotated in and out at the staff's discretion. The volume would always be conducive to talking. TVs would be allowed but would only show games of local sports franchises and college teams. If no games were available, they would be shut off. There would always be a $4 beer special and a $5 drink special. This would rotate daily.

The bar top would be large with the focus on the bar itself. It would be a round bar with very comfortable stools. People would be encouraged to sit at the bar and not at the tables scattered around it. It would be lit dimly but also provide enough light to read comfortably. We would provide copies of newspapers, along with magazines like The New Yorker, The Atlantic Journal, and McSweeny's. A bookshelf where patrons could both take books and leave books would be located somewhere in the bar.

The food would be of the bar food variety: wings, nachos, pretzels, and the like. Soups and chili would be the specialty, along with excellent sandwiches. Locally sourced ingredients would be used whenever possible.

The atmosphere would be homey. It would be a place you would go after work, or early on a Saturday afternoon. Not to get drunk of course, but to enjoy something tasty and have a conversation with a stranger. It would be named Samuel's, for no reason at all.

Long overdue and inspired by Colin, Andy, and others.