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Thanksgiving Five 11/26/09 Edition

I'm not posting tomorrow, so here are five things I'm thankful for.

  • Old friends, I don't see many of them enough, but when we do get together it's like we have been apart for a couple days, not the months that is sometimes is.
  • New friends, many of whom I met this year, I can't say enough about how much fun I have with them..
  • Minneapolis, this city has stolen my heart. I love the skyline, the parks, the people, the music, the....
  • Family, another group of people I don't see enough, but I love you all and wish I didn't live so damn far away.
  • This never ending fall. Actually, it looks like it has ended, but wow, this was a November to be thankful for.

Finally, I'm thankful for everyone who reads my scattered thoughts. I don't know why you do such a thing, but it makes every day a little brighter knowing you do.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving everyone.