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My Coke Problem

No, not that coke, the Coke that comes in the red can and at one point came infused with that other coke.

My problem is that I can't stop drinking it at work. I can go a whole weekend without even thinking about drinking one, I can take a vacation or a long weekend and don't have a problem, but the second I sit down at my desk on a weekday afternoon I start craving a Coke.

Now I understand the psychology of addiction, it's about the only thing I remember from my college phsyc class. So I know how to explain my problem... I always used to drink a Coke on weekday afternoons back when I drank soda regularly, and it was the last place I would drink one on a regular basis. Add in the fact it costs a total of $.50 and I have a really hard time fighting the craving.

So I'm looking for advice. How do I cut this last stronghold of caffeinated sugar water from my diet? I've tried always having water on hand, I'm not a big tea drinker during the day, and I can't stand those little Crystal Light flavor packets. I'm at a loss and would love advice.