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Defining Eaters

I had a great discussion last night with Sarah and Amanda regarding many topics. From politics, and living without a car, to food we had lot of interesting talks. During the course of the discussion, we discussed the word "foodie", and a person who used the word "eater" to discuss a certain set of people.

The word foodie is coming under fire. I don't disagree with these people, but I did use it recently and I defend myself by saying, "What other word should I use." Then there is "eater," this was kind of a dumb term because essentially all of us are eaters.

So I decided to define a few terms to use when discussing various forms of pickiness. We need some terms and definitions for talking about this stuff, and if no one else is going to take on the challenge, it may as well be me.

  • Food Snob - Someone who turns their nose up at anything not made to their specifications. They wouldn't dream of touching a sloppy joe, unless it was made with sliced Kobe beef, all organic tomatoes, and simmered for at least 25 hours.
  • Picky Eater - Someone who is unwilling to try anything other than what they know, or refuses to eat a certain type of food for reasons other than health/allergies.
  • Foodinie - I herby retire the word foodie and replace it with foodinie. These people go out of their way to try new things. They probably have a favorite class of food, such as street food or tapas. Very little is out of bounds. That being said they usually have a certain standard such as no nationwide chains, and may focus on things such as local and sustainable as much as possible.
  • Eater - This term is dumb, we are all eaters as described above.
  • Foodster - Nothing your mother would cook is good enough. Basic lasagna is boring and is only edible if made with homemade noodles, morels, tempe, and at least 40 types of local cheeses. Different from a foodinie because a foodinie just appreciates good food, whether simple and common or exotic and complex.
  • Nosher - This group will eat anything and isn't concerned with anything other than filling their stomach. They probably appreciate a good meal, but don't enjoy it much more than they would a microwaved quesadilla.
  • Locovore - Eats locally produced food as much as possible.

So what do you think? Any other definitions you would include. Are you satisfied with my definitions?