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Friday Five 12/18/2009 Edition

Today's five includes a few touches of vulgarity, excellent design, and beer. What more can you ask for?

  • I really like this poster that you need to make. Christmas present anyone?
  • Ed calls out Zygi Wilf for the welfare recipient that he wants to be. (note: I don't want the Vikes to leave, but when we can't pay for roads we can't pay for a stadium)
  • Nicole concocts a plan involving Sarah Silverman, brisket, and nudity. I'm all for it.
  • Love this serving glass.
  • If you ever want to know what beer you should drink, this chart has you covered.

Have a great weekend everyone. It's supposed to be in the 20s, so get out there and enjoy it. I for one am going to be playing in the snow all weekend. Of course by playing in the snow I mean running from the bus to the bar as quickly as possible because even 25 is too freaking cold.