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Driving Home for Christmas

Last night I suddenly got an overwhelming urge to go home for Christmas. Up until then I hadn't really felt bad about missing Christmas. The reason I wasn't going home is because I can't get much time off for Christmas and flying is ridiculously expensive. Tickets are over $400 and going home for 2-3 days for that kind of money doesn't exactly seem worth it.

There are a few issues at work here. One, the cost to fly is now $600+ and rising quickly. Two, the drive is at least 12-13 hours and goes right through the heart of North Dakota which is not only exceedingly boring, but also notorious for nasty snow storms. Three, I'm dog sitting for Nicky and even though I know Ninja can travel well, getting stuck with her seems like a bad idea. I also don't completely trust my car, though I'm sure it will be fine, it doesn't have any problems and is running great when I do drive it.

Anyway, I'm working on making a decision. If I do go it will be a quick trip and next week will be a drag, but spending Christmas with my family is really tempting. It also would lead to mountain photo opportunities which would be fun.