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Happy 2010 and a Quick Look Forward

I vowed to not post until January, but I couldn't let the New Year come without saying something. (Shocking I know) I'll be posting a Friday Five tomorrow of incredible reflections on the year past. I'm amazed at how many great posts I stumbled across this week, but I think that tells you how important it is to write with your heart on your sleeve. Putting it all out there is terrifying, but those who do it affect others in amazing ways.

As I stated in my 2009 roundup this year has been a great year. So many new experiences, new friends, and a new outlook on life. I don't have a lot of resolutions this year. I do have few though. I need to work hard on trying to take things that I want, even if the attempt might hurt. I need to stop being afraid of failure. I've made strides in this, but failure still terrifies me. So I'm making a promise to myself to fail more in 2010. Sounds weird I know, but it's what I need to do. Second, work hard at finding what I am passionate about that I can get paid for. I think my first resolution will help with this, but I'm not sure. I have told a few people I'm looking for a career change, but when anyone asks, "What do you want to do" I have no answer. I love so many things, but I don't know what combination of them I need in a career. So I need to spend some of this coming year searching for what I want to do for a career, and being willing to fail in the attempt to get there.

Anyway, have a great new year, and if you are reading this before 2010 actually get's here I wish you a happy and safe evening. If you read it after 2010, I don't know what to say, I'm disappointed, I thought this blog was all you cared about.