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Friday Five 1/15/10 Edition

Before I get to the links, I want to ask you to take a minute to donate to the cause in Haiti. There are a ton of charities out there. By far the easiest way to donate is to text "Haiti" to 90999 on your cell phone. This will donate $10 which will be added to your cell phone bill. You can also donate at today and they will match your donation. Thanks!

Now on to more entertaining stuff. Today I give you the usual collection of links. Don't worry, I personally guarantee they are all worth at least a little bit of your precious time.

  • A uplifting letter written by Iggy Pop shows up on "Letters of Note" (language)
  • A fantastic photo of some daring guys on a Chicago roof top
  • The Heavy Table promotes my anti-cold philosophy; Natural vitamin C.
  • Minnpics has a fantastic photo of a thresher. It remind me of home since I had one of these in my backyard growing up.
  • Stuff about Minneapolis shares a great story of true Minnesota nice.

Enjoy your weekend, get outside and soak up this weather before we return to normal. I will see you all back here next week.