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Football, Chefs, Sushi, and Beer

I'm certain 95% of my readers are planning on watching the Vikings game this Sunday. It starts at 5, and since the winner of the game goes to the Superbowl, it's kind of a big deal. I don't know if I'll watch the whole thing, but I plan on keeping my eye on the score regardless of what I'm doing.

I can't say I've watched much of the Saints this year, but I know they have a killer offense, and what some call a good defense. I expect all the experts are predicting a Saints win, especially since it's in the Superdome. I disagree, I think the Vikings will pull off a victory, and not a small one either. I think the final score will be somewhere in the 14-31 point range in favor of the Vikings. Why? Well first off the Vikings defense is playing well again, especially their front four. And no matter now good Drew Brees may be, he can't do anything when he's lying on his back. Also Brett Favre won a Superbowl in that dome, and regardless of what I said about him in the past, he's playing at an unseemly level for a 40 year-old and somehow I think he'll repeat history this weekend. I still don't like him, but I begrudging have to say I was wrong about how he would impact the Vikings.

But that's not the only Minnesota related competition happening Sunday. It turns out that the chefs at Saffron were picked to compete on the Food Network's the Iron Chef. Guess when the show airs? Sunday! It starts at 8 so there might be some overlap with the game, but since the Vikings are going to crush the Saints there will not be much.

So here is the deal, Azia is generously hosting a viewing party for us. The party kicks off at 7 and the show will be on at 8. Along with that, Azia is purchasing a case of Rogue Brewery's signature Morimoto Soba Ale. So not only do you get to watch some creative cooking you get to drink some creative beer.

So how about it, can you handle cheering for two Minnesota teams in one day? If you can, make your way to Azia and enjoy some good beer, good food, and have a chance to see Minnesota pull off two victories in one day.

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