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Formspring Questions 1/21/2010

What is your middle name?

I actually have two middle names, Allen and Frank. I generally only use Allen unless it's a formal occasion.

What is your favorite snack?

At first I was going to respond and say this one was really tough, but then I realized that was wrong. Popcorn is my favorite snack hands down. I actually consider myself addicted to popcorn. With or without butter, lightly salted, maybe kettle corn, however it's made, I'll devour a ton of it.

Have you ever thought about dying your hair?

I once thought I would look good with black hair, thankfully I didn't go through with it.

What does the color blue taste like?

The color blue tastes like blueberry ice cream covered with blue Skittles. It's a little bit gross unless you pick the Skittles off.

What would you want your last meal to be?

This is a really tough one, and brings me back to a conversation that I had with a friend earlier this week. I don't really have any favorite foods. But I guess if I was forced to choose something it would probably ask for a really well done pasta dish with tomato sauce. Lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, or whatever. It would be that or else I would just say, "bring me something I've never eaten before".

Tell me about your worst restaurant experience...

I don't usually dwell on bad restaurant experiences, I try to forget them and move on. So when I was thinking about this, the worst experience I remember actually happened when I was a kid. It was mothers day(or my mom's birthday, I don't really remember) and we went to Plentywood, which was the big town in our county. We went to this new restaurant that had opened and I remember waiting forever to get in, and then something else happened and my dad got mad. All I remember is my mother crying and us going across the street to the Blue Moon for dinner.

It might seem strange that someone who is obviously a food snob can't come up with a more recent experience, but it's the truth.

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